Tuesday, 27 January 2015


"Sometimes it is good to be dumb, you feel no botheration of expectations"

"Got placed....feeling happy...." a status on Facebook that gives official license of becoming slave.

When we are kids, most common question asked by family and teachers was "What you would like to become" and most of the time the answer was doctor or engineer. Doctor because I want to work for society and engineer because I like imagination, creativity, building bridges, designing cars, etc. But it is now very horrible even imagining breakthrough life after completing engineering, So where we are?, we are not even close to our dreams. What goes wrong? Most of engineers either struggling for job or end up working in production, quality dept. or as a system engineer in IT companies, etc which is very repetitive kind of job in common. Very few engineers got into the well versed job in engineering directly after pass out, but these are very less in numbers and off-course IITians are excluded from this common pool, The actual R&D in India contribute to only 5-10% of all manufacturing. So important question is why we chose this stream or course?

India is the country where education system encourages us to work as a slave for some one else. We generally follow very structured kind of format while making our carrier choice and needless to say we end up in frustration, First try very hard to get in 10th and 12th std merit list, then prepare for medical and engineering entrance exam, then work hard in graduation for getting good grades and eligible to get into the factory of slaves otherwise go for further education where again that rat race begins with full flow.

When it comes to MBA, one of the most happening PG course in our country is also now under depression. The most common question by interviewer is "Why MBA after engineering" and if you are more unfortunate and doing MBA in finance, it gets more stringent. I wish I could say that yes I am doing MBA after engineering because I will be paid more by you, I will easily fulfill expenses of my girlfriend, I want to take your business, etc. Sometimes I wonder why people gets frustrate because they are not getting job or people feel happy because they get a job. Its ultimately dreaming of becoming slaves and trying hard for working under empire of promising entrepreneur. 

Yes its absolutely fine of doing a job for 2-3 years and making our own empire, but thinking of permanently settling under shadow of some entrepreneur is very dangerous. We should always aim to create slaves for us who will make our dream empire their dream. So I must say to all my friends who are without any job, delay in placement gives us chance to brush up our domain knowledge, gives us courage to face impossible people, also make us strong and helps us raising our standard, Real knowledge is being stable, patient and not losing temper in frustrating situation. 

We can not change our past,
We can not change our future,
Its only the thought process that drives us,
So enjoy the life to fullest, utilize resources
Create empire....